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Every year like clock work BI market experts and others put in their trends & predictions for the upcoming year, however how many of them are really on the spot or even close? Let’s take a look at some of the trends and predictions that were made at the beginning of 2011 and see how well or not so well they did. In Part 1 we will shed light on a handful of people/organizations that have made their predictions. In Part 2 we will delve into how well those predictions actually were.


SearchBusinessIntelligence highlighted 6 trends in BI that supposedly “Top Business Managers” came up with:

  1. BI trend 1: Mobility will be an important trend for BI in 2011
  2. BI trend 2: Ownership of BI in 2011 will shift from IT to business
  3. BI trend 3: BI trends in 2011 will be used for social analytics
  4. BI trend 4: Act of generosity will be powered by BI in 2011
  5. BI trend 5: In-memory analytics will gain gradual acceptance for BI in 2011
  6. BI trend 6: Will BI on the cloud will prove to be all hype, no substance in 2011?


Communications Officer at Yellowfin, Lachlan James gave us Top 13 Business Intelligence trends for 2011. Here is what he came up with:

  1. Social and Collaborative Business Intelligence
  2. Spiraling iPad popularity will shape Mobile Business Intelligence
  3. Location Intelligence
  4. Simple, not just pretty, data visualizations
  5. Business Intelligence as SaaS deployment
  6. Social media analytics
  7. Self-service Business Intelligence
  8. Hadoop
  9. Real-time analytics
  10. Concentration on people and process over technology: user adoption
  11. The continued growth of the mega vendors
  12. Emergence of industry specific Business Intelligence solutions
  13. Increased Business Intelligence uptake by SMBs


Ajay Ohri of DecisionStats interviewed Senior Director of Strategic Marketing and a 19-year veteran of SAP’s Business Objects Timo Elliot’s for his top 4 BI trends for 2011:

  1. Analytics, reinvented. New DW techniques make it possible to do sub-second, interactive analytics directly against row-level operational data.
  2. Corporate and personal BI come together. The ability to mix corporate and personal data for quick, pragmatic analysis is a common business need.
  3. The next generation of business applications. 2011 will see the first prototypes of people-focused, flexible, information-centric, and collaborative applications, bringing together the best of business intelligence, “enterprise 2.0”, and existing operational applications.
  4. And one that should happen, but probably won’t – Intelligence = Information + PEOPLE. The biggest trend in 2011 should be organizations spending the majority of their efforts on user adoption rather than technical implementation.
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