Hey there! My name is Joshua Burkhow and I’m the one behind Data Enthusiast  I am deeply interested in most everything about data and information and all its spokes of connected sub-topics like Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Science. I am currently employed as a Sr. Operations Global Performance Manager for Nike as part of a global performance management/strategy operations group. Needless to say it’s incredibly exciting as I am constantly doing new things with data everyday.

I am currently working towards a Ph.D. at Portland State University and have a Master’s in Information Systems Management and have been in IT roles for the better part of 10+ years. I have found in the last few years though that I am really in love with creating Data Products. Especially when I get to live with one foot in the business environment working closely with executives and leaders trying to utilize data/information the best they can and the other foot in a technology environment that allows me to get deep in code, systems, design, and data analysis.I have found what seems to be my “niche” in the growing and exciting area of “Data Science” and the balancing act comes fairly easy and enjoyable to me.

With this deep interest in not only data as its pure self and all the ways it can be moved and changed but also the business viewpoint of data and information and the so called end-game to the usage of it, you’ll get to see a nice variety of posts and content sharing both sides of the coin.

I currently reside in Beaverton, Oregon with my wife of 10+ years Wanda, my 8-year-old boy Fabricio, my 6-year-old yellow lab Astro and twin 2 year old girls Mayanna and Amielle!

Feel free to reach out to me here

“Too often we forget that genius, too, depends upon the data within its reach, that even Archimedes could not have devised Edison’s inventions”
~Ernest Dimnet

Note: The views expressed on www.DataEnthusiast.com are mine alone and not those of my employer or anyone else.


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