1. Scraping for Journalism: A Guide for Collecting Data


This is a great post on collecting data and gives some great tools as well as guides on how to scrape data from various formats such as PDF and HTML

2. How to Scrape Websites for Data without Programming Skills


Michelle Minkoff touches on how to use OutWit Hub a Firefox extension.

3. Scraping, cleaning, and selling big data


Audrey Walters with O’Reilly Radar touches on some of the legal implications of data scraping and what some of the challenges are of acquiring data through data scraping

4. Very basic Parsing, on returned web data – tutorial


Just like the title says … this is “very basic” however its very useful for those looking to understand how to scrape data quickly and easily using PHP. You can even check out this link for more basic PHP data scraping

5. Data scraping with YQL and jQuery


Here is a good walk through / step-by-step process of data scraping using YQL and JQuery.

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